Thursday, July 31, 2008

my buddies!

When it comes to my buddies, its definitely the best thing in my entire life! School days where those days i had the most fun ever! Believe it or not....real real fun! Eventhough being a prefect was pretty tough and killing, when it came to these 3 nuts-vansha, shobs and vien, no matter what happens we were always, ALWAYS together! We could neva be seen alone for even a sinle minute as we will be clinging to each other the whole time...And those things we did-which we seriously coud have gotten into trouble were the best parts! One scared, one blur, one panicky and the other as cool as a cucumber-all 4 sumed up to be some lunatic click! All the things we did, whether looking at PEOPLE or hiding from our teachers-so so memorable...And we got ourselves into some bad joke which turned out to be pretty disasterous..I remember this one time all the four of us were sitting behind the girls toilet facing the field during our P.E lessons..We couldn't be bothered about the others busy playing..we were just cracking jokes, and seriously literally relaxing as we had all of our legs on the bench opposite us and cool ice lemon teas... The it just had to happen! We were all busy chatting until Pn.Zubaidah(worlds most strict teacher ever) had to just walk pass on her way to the girls toilet to check if things were alright! that was it! that was it! i have never even ran that fast for my 4x100m in school...all v could think of was -GET THE HELL OUTTA THAT PLACE BEFORE SHE SEES US AND KILLS EACH AND EVERYONE OF US!!!!!!! we ran so so fast..and decided that if we kept running, she could probably see us and stop us before we reac the other side of the we decided to be smart! each of us chose a wall with a pole and hid behind it. we couldn't stop laughing ang panting. all of u! We could still hear giggles and huffs and puffs! ahahahhaahhaahahaahah! after about 5 minutes i peeped my head to check if she was there, thank the lord-she was gone...she came to check if there was anyone loitering around near those benches..and she left! One hell of a lucky day i suppose! Long time back when all of us were in form one-only this time viien was replaced by Iryani-another looney bird! We were having assembly in the hall-Vanesha , Iryani and i were on the stage since we were P.A members...Shobs was downstairs with the students checking if everything was going smooth! That was the time when a teacher called me from the other side of the stage and asked me to give a short announcement telling the students to be quiet...normally i could hedi behind the curtains and make announcements and no one would be able to recognise my voice-so much so i wasn't shy as my face couldn't be seen..this time everyone kew it was me who had to do the announcement...Of course i was totally embarrassed so i ran right after the announcement back to the side where i was....then all the teachers got busy and they had it was all up to us to control the crowd..Other prefects were definitely doing their duties so after we finishe ours, we started playing a fool..Everyone started to tickle me so badly that i could no longer control..i started to get left shoe went flying in the air i had to wait for a few seconds for it to fall back! Right after that, we got ourselves into HIDE AND SEEK in creepy, among all places to play this game, we choose school since we were dead bored! Anyway, there were four of us so one pair hid while the other seeked. When it was mine and Vansha's turn to hide, there ws an old old cupboard in the backstage rooms. Both of us managed t sqeeze ourselves into the cupboard and stay silent till Shobs and Iryani found us. We were hiding for quite some time till finally we could hear them coming towards us. That was the same time i heard the sound of a lizard as if it was so close to us! i quickl switched on my light on my watch and looked all over for it. It was right above our head. Again it did its freaking lizard noise! Both of panicked ad started moving the cupboard! The lizard finally moved away near Vansha...i couln't stop gigglimg becauce of her funny faces sha made at tht time...At the same time...v heard Shobs and Iryani asking each other where we were....since its been such a lonf=g time.. All this drama had been taking place in the little cupboard and thoce two oblivious friend i had still had trouble finding us! We started to laugh even louder when the lizard came back and we didn't want it to fall on us...YET! Shobs and Iryani didn't know it was us.I accidentally knoked my haed hard on the surface of the cupboard as i tried to avoid the lizard...and among all things that could happen...I hear screams saying- Run run..there's a ghost! Vansha and i could no longer control our laughter...Both of us burst out so badly...we ran out and started laughing at them..they seriously freaked out! and we had the best laugh!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a haaah!!!

THE DARK KNIGHT! seriously awesome! wow i couldn't stop 'aahhhing' ang 'wooooowing' throughout the whole movie. Christian bale-i'm so in love love love with your voice! Heath leadger, splendid job...especially those memorable quotes performed really really well-'let's put a smileeeeeeeeeeeeeee on that face', 'WHY SO SERIOUS' and definitely this-'evening commissioner!!!!!' WOAH!!'s a pity he had to leave us! and the best part of the whole movie-BATMOBILE!! DAMN!! wat a creation! the best ever in all these superhero transportation! Especially the part where batman ejects himself from the tumbler and and causes it to self-destruct.AND THERE IT COMES-the batpot!!!! wow wow wow!!! the motorcycle wheels formed by the batmobile is the coolest coolest part of the movie! When the joker tries to attack 'harvey dent' with his bazuka(wooooaaaahhhh) when he was already captured, all of a sudden Batman storms on the road with his bike! so so breath-taking!! The most awesomw awesomw part of all time-when he tangles the wheels of the huge container around the street lights and BOOOOOOMM!!! it looses control and just flips the other way round! that exact part when Batman speeds towards the wall and rides on it,vertically upwards, and just BACKFLIPS, and goes to its riding position! WOW!!! so so coooolll! and bout his batman suit, Welllll......his suit is still the same as the ones in Batman Begins and Batman Returns! His! what sharp fatures...super good physical appearance! that evil 'bat' eyes, sharp pointed nose and not forgetting his cat like ears! cool! On the whole-movie was awesome....worth watching more than twice to see all those cool moves here and there evrytime the two chracters-Batman and joker appears! super good movie! probably the most exciting movie of the year!!